{ "author": "Matthew Skinner", "name": "Camera Clickable", "description": "A thumbnail view of a camera that can be clicked into a larger window.", "template": "\n \n \n \n \n\t
\n \n\t
\n \n \n\n", "settings": [ { "type": "choice", "id": "thumbnail_format", "label": "Thumbnail Url Format", "default": "jpg", "choices": "jpg,mjpeg", "description": "Select what format the thumbnail url will provide." }, { "type": "string", "id": "thumbnail_url", "label": "Thumbnail URL", "description": "Enter a URL to use for the thumbnail.eg or" }, { "type": "number", "id": "refresh_seconds", "label": "Refresh in Seconds", "default": "10", "description": "How often the thumbnail will refresh/update if it is a jpg format." }, { "type": "choice", "id": "stream_format", "label": "Stream Url Format", "default": "mjpeg", "choices": "mjpeg,HLS", "description": "The format the video is in that the below URL will open when the thumbnail is clicked." }, { "type": "string", "id": "stream_url", "label": "Stream Url", "description": "Enter an Url for a stream to display when the thumbnail is clicked. eg or or" } ] }